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1952 Taylor Street

The Tina Modotti Heritage Committee was founded over a decade ago with the goal of reviving the memory of the fine art photographer and revolutionary international activist Tina Modotti and commemorating her time in San Francisco, the city she would refer to, ever after, as her hometown.


Art historians have called Tina Modotti “the best-known unknown photographer of the 20th century.” She led an extraordinary life and was an undeniably talented photographer, though her talents and achievements have often been overshadowed by her role as the beautiful muse and model of Edward Weston and by her relationships with him and other significant men in the spheres of art and politics.


With this plaque, placed at 1952 Taylor Street in front of Tina's childhood home, we hope to bring into public consciousness the importance of Tina Modotti in her own right, as an artist and revolutionary, and as a pioneering woman who deserves recognition at last outside the shadows cast by the men in her life.


[Photo: Lor O'Connor]


Tina Modotti Heritage Committee Timeline



2010 - 2016

Fall 2017



April 2019

Oct. 2020

August 17, 2021

The artist, internationalist, immigrant, revolutionary Tina Modotti is unknown in her hometown of San Francisco, where she arrived as a teenager from Udine

After B. Ruby Rich and Lynn Hershman Leeson’s investigation, The San Francisco Board of Supervisors issues a proclamation recognizing the importance of Tina Modotti to the city, signed by Gavin Newsom

Tina Modotti celebration at City Lights Bookstore, featuring readings by numerous authors including Jack Hirschman

Lynn Hershman Leeson and B. Ruby Rich establish the Tina Modotti Heritage Committee

Grant from SF Arts Commission received to pursue creation of a plaque honoring Tina Modotti

Tina Modotti celebration at the Museo Italo Americano with exhibition featuring Modotti’s work

The Board of Supervisors accepts the resolution for the commemorative plaque

Plaque installed in front of 1952 Taylor St. during Covid lockdown

125th birthday celebration for Tina Modotti held at the commemorative plaque in front of 1952 Taylor St., followed by a reception at Piccolo Forno

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