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The Tina Modotti Heritage Committee

We at The Tina Modotti Heritage Committee honor the fine art photographer and revolutionary activist, Tina Modotti. Since the founding of the Tina Modotti Heritage Committee in 2008 and the official proclamation we received from Supervisor Aaron Peskin that year in commemoration of Modotti, we are pleased to announce that the Committee has been revived and we are preparing for our next step in continuing our mission to establish a precedent for memorializing artists who have a history in the cultural life of San Francisco. 

The journalist and writer Elena Poniatovska, winner of the 2014 Miguel de Cervantes Prize and author of Modotti’s biography Tinisma, met with the co-founder of the Tina Modotti Heritage Committee, Lynn Hershman Leeson, and explained that “without Tina Modotti, Weston would not have taken the photographs he took – he owes Mexico to Tina Modotti. Mexico was a very important part of his career.”


Lynn Hershman Leeson, Co-Founder

B. Ruby Rich, Co-Founder

Contact us at to become a member of our committee
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